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Adkot Home & Giftware - Ireland


Phone Docking Station

Dimensions 26 X 20 X 23cm

This handmade phone docking station is ideal for your bedside locker or office desk. It is made from oak and comes in 2 parts which are easy to assemble. The unit accommodates your watch, rings, glasses, earphones or bracelets, keys, phone, and cable for charging. The bottom tray holds your wallet or purse, pens, and loose change. You can find this product in our Christmas Gift section.


ADKOT Boards - Home & Giftware


Christmas Eve Santa Treats Board

Dimensions 37 x 26 x 2 cm

This Christmas Eve board is the perfect way to create a wonderful tradition to share in your little one’s excitement as they leave their treats for Santa and the Reindeers. You can personalise this Santa treat board by adding the names of your loved ones. Find this product in our Christmas Gift section.




AdKoT – Home & Giftware

Adkot – Home & Giftware

AdKoT Home & Giftware is an Irish Company which is run by 5th generation Galway carpenter/joiners. Our workshop is in the village of Corofin County Galway. At Adkot we have a fantastic collection of beautifully designed products for the home, office and gift market. We also offer a laser cutting and engraving service to personalise any gift that you may purchase from our wide range of products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create great value to our customers through reliability and trust. We focus on quality products, value for money, meeting customer needs, customer care and building relationships with our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading home and gifts manufacturer and supplier offering innovative quality products in pursuit of excellence.


We design and create products that are socially conscious as not to detract from energy consumption or resource depletion. We work diligently when selecting local suppliers, products and production processes so that they meet our standards of sustainability ensuring that we leave a smaller footprint in the world. We support the Irish environment by sponsoring an organisation which is dedicated to the preservation and renewal of Irelands natural woodlands.

Some of our customers are shown below. If you are interested in any of our products please send an email to info@adkotboards.com

Where quality craftsmanship meets the beauty of the design.